Invisalign: The Best Substitute for Braces

Best Alternatives to Braces | Invisalign San Francisco, CA

If you are longing for those beautiful perfect teeth, but don't want those messy, "wired" looks of conventional braces, Invisalign is the word. Invisalign in San Francisco employs invisible braces to alter spacing issues, bite-imperfections and crowded teeth. Read on to discover some significant facts which will throw light upon this advanced alternative for braces.

Comparing Invisalign in San Francisco with Braces:

  1. Easy Maintenance:

    Thorough cleaning of the teeth when your teeth are affixed with braces is strenuous. Food particles that often lodge in dental interiors or get stuck on the braces can be hard to reach or clear off. Consequently, dental hygiene takes a hit. Invisalign aligners in San Francisco can be detached effortlessly and cleaned comfortably. Since they are removable completely, normal brushing aided by flossing can be performed regularly. Maintaining oral health becomes uncomplicated.

  2. No Cutback on Your Favorite Food:

    Affixing braces would bring along some restrictions on your food consumption. If these instructions are ignored, the wires and brackets get damaged as a consequence. There are no such troubles if you opt for Invisalign in San Francisco. They can be removed at your will and convenience.

  3. High Comfort Quotient:

    Braces have sharp edges. They will inevitably irritate the cheeks. Also, you will need regular visits to the dentist to fasten the metal screws of the braces. The tightness often causes pain and discomfort for a few days. But Invisalign in San Francisco has smooth edges and promises big smiles. Multiple sets of Invisalign aligners will be provided. All these aligners have varying levels of adjustments. The slight tightness which you might feel will disappear within two days when you put on a new set of Invisalign aligners.

  4. They Remain Camouflaged:

    Traditional braces have always been perceived as unattractive by all and sundry. Braces spoil your smile by making it less appealing. But Invisalign in San Francisco are manufactured out of clear plastic which keeps them transparent or invisible when you smile. Invisalign aligners perform their assigned duty without affecting your self-confidence.

  5. No Worries Regarding Discoloration and Stains:

    The spots covered by braces on your teeth experience modest levels of discoloration due to food stains. With Invisalign in San Francisco, the possibilities of discoloration are absent. Since the aligners can be removed and cleaned thoroughly, there is no question of stains and discoloration.

Consult With Our Dentist for Invisalign Treatment in San Francisco:

If you are considering opting for Invisalign aligners over braces, visit our dentist, Dr. Nigel Suarez, for an Invisalign Treatment in San Francisco. For more information, call us at (415) 558-9800 and schedule an appointment today.

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