Invisalign in San Francisco Promises Big Smiles

What does an Invisalign do

Nobody would deny the fact that a big smile and straight teeth can positively impact one's confidence and contentment. A recent survey showed that nearly 60% of people had felt that straight teeth help them feel more confident and happy. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with straight teeth, so what should one do in such a situation? One should consider Invisalign in San Francisco, which is a treatment that can correct the nonalignment of teeth in order to possess that envious great smile.

Well, How Does Invisalign Work?


A Dental Consultation with our San Francisco Dentist is the first step in this journey. Your needs and evaluations for Invisalign treatment is decided here.

Custom Treatment

A scanner like the iTero® Digital Scanning System that helps to generate quick and precise 3D digital images of your teeth is used. Once these images are captured by your dentist they plan the positioning of your teeth set. Here you will be given the privilege to witness the movement of your teeth and your new smile.

Invisalign – Clear Aligners

The custom-made aligners are invisible and are made of Invisalign's proprietary material. The invisibility is a pro feature as most people around you won't notice them.

Unlike your normal braces that are made of fixed wires in order to pull your teeth into the correct position. The biggest con here is. It's easily noticeable.

These Invisalign clear braces need to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day for the sooner and good results and be removed whilst eating, brushing, and flossing.

The longevity of the Treatment

The treatment will not take longer than 15 months on average, but sometimes it's worn for 18 and 30, this varies for every individual.

Positive Progress

Your clear braces will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. If they are worn every week with proper regular checkups scheduled every six weeks, positive progress will show on your smile.

Is Invisalign Suitable for All Ages?

Invisalign in San Francisco can be recommended for anyone who wishes for a perfect smile or proper alignment of their teeth. It’s ideal for teens to accomplish a winning smile and good oral health as they often fall prey to low self-esteem issues.

Adults can choose Invisalign as they are transparent and will go unnoticed until treatment is finished.

How Safe is The Material Used?

There are millions of patients in San Francisco who have opted for invisible aligners. Invisalign in San Francisco are made from materials that are approved by the FDA. Medical- grade and high molecular weight thermoplastic polymers are tested to make sure they are bio compatible for the human mouth, thus safety classified

Take Away

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned braces and headgears to get your teeth straight, in order to achieve that stunning smile you desire. Choose Invisalign Treatment in San Francisco.

Our Dentist in San Francisco will help you find the best-suited aligners at the same time, providing you the luxury of changing your aligners at home.

Make your appointment now by calling at (415) 558-9800 and revolutionize yourself with Invisalign clear braces.

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