How Many Visits Will a Root Canal Treatment Take?

How Many Visits Root Canal Take?

Learning what root canal treatment is important if you are planning to go for one. One of the most common questions is how many visits will a root canal take. The answer is two visits. The process of initiating the treatment and the following tooth repair are done in two steps. Inquiring about root canal treatments at the dentist office near me will get you all the details. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 reasons to visit an endodontist in San Francisco. To get a brief glimpse on how the treatment is carried out, you may read on.

When Do You Need a Root Canal From an Endodontist in San Francisco?

Are you suffering from discomfort because you have an infected dental pulp within the teeth? If so, a root canal is required. Our cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco provides root canal treatments to eliminate the infection and to restore your tooth. The soft internal nerves and tissues are what we call dental pulp. It reaches into the base of the tooth. Dental pulp can become swollen because of a cavity or a crack. At first, you will probably sense tenderness and sensitivity while eating something. However, once infection and swelling increase, you will feel more intense pain. If you leave it untreated, a bump will possibly be created which can lead to damage and infection to your jaw.

How Many Visits to Endodontists in San Francisco Will Root Canal Take?

  1. The First Visit:

    On the first visit, your dentist near you in San Francisco will conduct a thorough oral test. Your oral expert will also perform X-rays, which exhibits the actual condition of your tooth that requires treatment. Then the dentist gives anesthesia to you so that pain is not felt. After that, the oral expert will make a tiny space in your tooth to eliminate any infected nerve tissue. Then, the pulp chamber will be precisely cleaned to put in a temporary dental element to the center of your tooth.

  2. The Second Visit:

    On the second visit to the dental clinic in San Francisco, your dentist will remove the temporary dental material that is positioned inside your tooth. Your dentist will mainly focus on restoring your tooth to safeguard it. While the most popular restoration type is a dental cap, you can also opt for dental inlays and dental onlays. The objective is to ensure that the tooth can work normally and never be infected again.


If you are looking for an endodontist in San Francisco to get your root canal done perfectly, you can contact Dr. Nigel Suarez to avail the most preferred root canal treatment. SOMA DENTAL, where Dr. Nigel Suarez practices, is the finest dental clinic in the San Francisco region. Go through our website or call us at (415) 558-9800 to gather more details about Dr. Nigel Suarez and the treatments offered by the clinic.

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