How Long Does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

How Long Does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

Many individuals require proper root canal treatment when the root canal becomes infected/inflamed. For the uninitiated, the root canal is a pulp chamber within a tooth and contains nerves, pulp, and blood vessels. This chamber connects bone and gums with the tooth. There is one root canal per tooth, but it can be more than one in some cases. Schedule an appointment with an experienced endodontist and get your toothache problem thoroughly diagnosed. In our previous blog, we have explained the pain factor of endodontic treatment with an endodontist in San Francisco. However, if required, you may have to undergo root canal treatment. Read on to resolve your queries surrounding the duration of root canal procedure.

Why Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

The root canal treatment becomes an inevitability when the root canal turns infected/inflamed, triggering excruciating pain. Failing to treat the problem may result in the infection spreading to other teeth and gradually to other parts of the body. Sometimes, lack of treatment results in teeth turning yellow or black, and the pain increases significantly. If you do not wish to undergo a root canal procedure, tooth extraction is an alternative, but this is also painful. Moreover, the patient loses his natural tooth. Look for the best dentist near me in San Francisco and get the opinion of an expert endodontist before root canal procedure.

Duration of a Root Canal Treatment With Endodontist in San Francisco:

The time taken in a root canal procedure is dependent on two factors. First, the number of roots in the tooth, and second, the severity of infection. In typical cases, root canal procedure takes half an hour to one and a half hours. Schedule an appointment with the dental office in San Francisco for timely treatment.

  1. In The Case of Molars:

    In the case of molars, the root canal treatment may take more than 90 minutes. Since the location of molars is at the back of the mouth and has four roots in the canal, the time taken for the treatment is also more.

  2. In The Case of Premolars:

    The location of premolars is between anterior teeth and molars and has one or two roots. Thus, the time taken in root canal procedure for premolar teeth is approximately one hour. Search for the dentist office near me in San Francisco and visit an endodontist for proper treatment.

  3. In The Case of Incisors and Canines:

    There is only one root in these teeth. Thus, the root canal procedure in incisors and canines is 45 to 60 minutes.

  4. If Dental Crown is Required:

    If a dental crown is required on the tooth, it may need more time. Sometimes, the procedure with our endodontist in San Francisco may take one hour extra for the dental crown placement.


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