Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign Aligners?

Can You Whiten Teeth Wearing An Invisalign

The road to a bright, white smile involves loads of hard work and dedication. The one wearing invisalign aligners should ensure that they are transparent and stain-free. Or else, it will make the teeth yellow. Many people who wear Invisalign may want to whiten their teeth.

The most efficient technique to achieve a flawless smile would be to brighten their teeth while realigning them. But can you get a teeth whitening treatment, whilst wearing Invisaligns? Yes, a teeth whitening procedure while wearing Invisalign is possible. In our previous blog, we have explained things to expect after undergoing teeth whitening treatment in San Francisco. Read on to discover more about teeth whitening San Francisco and invisalign San Francisco and the ideal order in which they should opted for.

Can We Do Teeth Whitening While Wearing Invisalign?

Teeth whitening is possible while using Invisalign in San Francisco. Most orthodontic practitioners advocate starting the process six months following the realignment. This is because the sensitivity of the teeth increases as time goes by. This can lead to many other interlinked issues. For instance, discoloration occurs in places that are not exposed to whitening treatments. Thus it creates an uneven appearance.

Invisalign Aligners and Teeth Whitening

It is always better to use a softer teeth whitening treatment in San Francisco on your aligners. These include toothpaste and mouthwashes that have been specially prepared with whitening ingredients. These agents can assist in dissolving surface stresses. They polish the teeth's surface with microscopic abrasive particles.

The use of whitening toothpaste or mouthwash might help to brighten the teeth's overall appearance. Since these are moderate, any discoloration that develops after teeth whitening can be properly straightened and will be simpler to conceal.

The Whitening Gel Option:

Another option would be whitening gels. This procedure can be done in-office or at home. Because whitening gels are more powerful than most whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes, they come with instructions to use them properly. If you're thinking about using whitening gel, it's essential to consult your dentist first by visiting a dentist office near you in San Francisco.

Whitening Gels: How Are They Employed?

A dentist who is a professional in cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco uses whitening gels on your teeth through a tube. They make sure to spread the gel all over the teeth leaving no empty spaces. Also, they help you understand how to do it. You can put back your aligners and wipe out all the excess gel. After 30 minutes the aligners are removed and rinsed. The mouth should also be washed properly. Some patients see the changes in their teeth's color right after the initial use itself.


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