Why Must You Opt for a Timely Root Canal Procedure?

Why Must You Opt for a Timely Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal treatment is carried out to take out the infected portion of the tooth to preserve the remaining tooth. An endodontist will remove the root, nerves, and pulp to ensure that bacteria is completely taken out from the infected tooth. This is done by disinfecting and sealing the canal followed by placing a dental crown. This treatment preserves the natural tooth and prevents additional decay. There are various symptoms that could signal an infection in the tooth. In our previous blog, we have explained the duration of a root canal treatment with an endodontist in San Francisco. However, the Sooner you pay attention to these symptoms and visit the dental clinic, the better it will be for the tooth. Read on to discover the need to hand-pick a root canal treatment at the appropriate time from below.

6 Indications You Need to Visit an Endodontist in San Francisco:

  1. Persistent Tooth Pain:

    Tooth pain is one of the symptoms that will require root canal treatment. Tooth pain could be caused because of cavity, gum disease, pain, cracked tooth, or an infection in the root. Regardless of the cause of the pain, it is highly recommended to consult an endodontist in any dental office in San Francisco for an early diagnosis and timely treatment.

  2. Pain While Eating:

    Once your tooth has decayed to an extent that a gentle touch causes severe pain, you need root canal treatment. It hurts every time you eat something, and this pain does not go away immediately. It is because of the damage to the tender ligament that cannot tolerate the bite pressure.

  3. Swollen Gums:

    If you have a tooth infection, it could lead to swollen gums. This swelling is caused because of the acidic waste of dead tissues. It could also cause gum boil that contains abscess. It gives you an unpleasant taste and causes foul smell. An endodontist in San Francisco can diagnose and recommend the required treatment, likely to be root canal treatment.

  4. Cracked Tooth:

    An injury to the tooth could damage the nerves and blood vessels. And if an injury has caused chipping or crack, it could be due to the onset of the bacteria development. This leads to inflammation in the nerves and causes severe pain. Root canal treatment is necessary to stop further decay.

  5. Tooth Sensitivity:

    If it hurts when you consume something hot or cold, you might need root canal treatment. It is primarily due to the damage/infection to the blood vessels or the nerves in the tooth. Dentist in San Francisco recommends not to ignore tooth sensitivity.

  6. Loose Teeth:

    When you have a tooth infection, it could cause nerve death and will make your tooth feel loose. Acidic waste due to nerve death causes tooth mobility. To avert infection and to sustain the remaining tooth, you need a root canal procedure.

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