What Are The 5 Effective TMJ Treatment Options?

5 Effective TMJ Treatment Options | San Francisco, CA

Many people face the problem of clicking and pain in the neck, jaw, and severe headaches. The root of all these problems may be TMJ or the temporomandibular joint that ensures the closing and opening of the mouth. It is fast becoming a common problem that occurs when the TMJ joint is not functioning properly. In our previous blog, we have explained what is TMJ treatment and how can a dentist help? Read along to know 5 effective options for TMJ treatment.

If the issue is left unattended, it can culminate in severe and chronic TMJ disorder. Thus, before the TMJ disease starts affecting your life, visit Dr. Nigel Suarez at Soma Dental and avail the best TMJ Treatment option.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ or temporomandibular joint acts as a sliding hinge between the skull and the jaw. In case of dysfunction in the jaw, it results in pain, headaches, and discomfort in the jaw joint and surrounding area.

5 Effective Ways for TMJ Treatment in San Francisco:

If left untreated, TMJ can affect your life, and you may have to live with persistent pain. Some reliable treatment alternatives are provided below.

  1. Lifestyle Changes:

    The first TMJ treatment in San Francisco, suggested by the specialists is modifying the lifestyle. Specialists will recommend taking over-the-counter medications to manage symptoms. Secondly, the jaw exercises recommended by the dentists will help a lot. The patients are asked to avoid chewing gum, wide yawns and are suggested to go on a soft food diet. If the pain is severe, ice packs and heat pads can help.

  2. Injections:

    The third TMJ treatment option recommended by the dentist is going for pain-relief injections. However, it gives temporary relief from the excruciating pain. It has no recovery time, takes less than half an hour to work, and is nominally invasive. Doctors recommend corticosteroid injections that reduce pain and inflammation in the TMJ. This way, chronic jaw pain is reduced for some time. Some dentists use botox for pain management, but it can cause a temporarily fixed smile because of the toxin’s paralyzing effect.

  3. Bite Correction:

    The specialist at the dental office in San Francisco suggests going for bite correction. They recommend customized dental splints that keep the teeth aligned, prevent teeth grinding, and reduce jaw clenching. Patients can also wear bite guards that help manage moderate TMJ symptoms. It reduces pain and minimizes long-term side effects.

  4. Arthrocentesis and Arthroscopy:

    Your dentist may suggest arthrocentesis treatment. Duration for recuperation is one week. This arthroscopy procedure is carried out using a fiber-optic camera which is inserted into a joint. It helps in accurately investigating the problem and suitable treatment.

  5. Surgery:

    TMJ treatment in San Francisco is a bit extreme and is recommended when nothing works. The surgeon repairs and reposition parts of TMJ and helps to cure the problem.


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