What is TMJ Treatment & How Can a Dentist Help?

What is TMJ Treatment & How Can Dentist Help | San Francisco

Do you have multiple queries regarding TMJ and the role of a dentist? Are you suffering from TMJ disorder and need TMJ Treatment in San Francisco? TMJ is a complex disorder which most people don't know about. However, if you're curious and want more info, read along. Below, you'll find detailed information on TMJ treatment in San Francisco and the role of a dentist to help you cure it.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is the abbreviated form of temporomandibular joints. These joints, present on the sides of your head, join your skull to your jaw. The temporomandibular joint enables the movement of your mouth, letting you chew, and even speak.

Because of the ability of TMJ to move in several directions, it's one of the most complex joints in your body. And the issues with this joint are what we call TMJ disorders.

Symptoms You Need TMJ Treatment in San Francisco:

Most of the time, the cause of this disorder determines the type of symptoms you experience. However, you can find some common symptoms of TMJ below:

  1. Tender jaw muscles.
  2. Headaches.
  3. Locking, popping, or jaw clicking.
  4. Limited jaw movement.
  5. Painful jaw movement.

What Causes TMJ?

There's no obvious reason as to why TMJ happens. However, there are some possible culprits that might lead to TMJ:

  1. A poor jaw or tooth alignment.
  2. Clenching of teeth.
  3. Dislocation due to injury.
  4. Arthritis.

How Can Your San Francisco Dentist Help?

If you think that visiting a dental office in San Francisco for TMJ is a waste, you're mistaken. A dentist can help you diagnose and find the root cause of the problem. Also, a dentist may refer you to a specialist for better diagnosis.

For Proper Diagnosis for TMJ Treatment in San Francisco:

As TMJ is caused due to misalignment of the jaw or teeth, some orthodontic treatments can work. And only a dentist can diagnose if you require additional assistance. So, if you notice even vague symptoms, you must visit a dental clinic in San Francisco. This way, you can ensure early diagnosis and can deal with the problem better.

Who Is the Best Dentist in San Francisco?

Stop searching for "Dentist Office Near Me San Francisco" online and visit Dr. Nigel Suarez at Soma Dental. Dr. Nigel Suarez possesses deep experience in various facets of the dental industry. Also, he's been honored with several awards for his chair-side manners and clinical skills. So, if TMJ disorder is disturbing you, it's time to book an appointment for TMJ Treatment in San Francisco with Dr. Nigel Suarez at Soma Dental. Visit our website for further details or call us at (415) 558-9800 and schedule an appointment today.

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