5 Benefits of Visiting the Dentist Regularly

5 Benefits of Visiting the Dentist Regularly

Visiting a dentist doesn’t call for a special day in the calendar. Dental issues can crop up anytime and keeping those under regular check is the best way to keep them at bay. We often tend to ignore tooth issues and wait till the tooth decay, sensitivity, cavity, or gum bleeding get worse to rush to the dentist. In our previous blog, we have explained 8 essential factors to look for in a dentist in San Francisco. However, if you can make a half-yearly or a yearly visit to a dental office, a lot of your oral issues will be under check.

5 Benefits of Visiting Your Dentist in San Francisco Regularly:

  1. Your Chronic Diseases Will Be Controlled:

    A lot of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, kidney issues, liver infections, pneumonia, etc are linked to poor oral health. When you have routine cleanings done for your teeth with a dental clinic in San Francisco, plaque build up is avoided and hence any sort of gastro issues is under check. Same goes with heart diseases and diabetes. Also, you stand a lesser chance of gum bleeding and other gum issues.

  2. Costs You Less Later:

    With regular dental treatments, you save a lot which you could have lost on restorative dental procedures. So, preventive dental treatments charge you less than the ones which are needed to fix your already existing dental problems. In fact, if you can keep your teeth healthy, you stand a chance of saving more than 90% of dental costs. What’s more, your time cost is also saved. The extra time you would need to make dental visits, undergo procedures and recover for restorative procedures is saved with preventive check-ups.

  3. Restricts Oral Cancer:

    This is one of the critical, though not very frequent, oral issues. When you don’t get your oral health checked up regularly, it can lead to white patches on gums, unhealed dental sores and unusual bleeding. An endodontist in San Francisco will do thorough gum examinations and tissue investigations to ensure your oral condition is healthy. Hence, you don’t stand a risk of any malignancy.

  4. Save You From Cavities:

    Cavities are one of the common issues people suffer from. Now, this is nothing major. But a regular check can stop it from worsening. Cavities out of control leads to infections as well as septicemia, which is a life-threatening issue.

  5. Prevent Tooth Loss:

    Regular dental check-ups at the best dentist office near you in San Francisco can save you a tooth. Gingivitis often worsens bone and the gum, thereby leading to loss of tooth. Losing your permanent tooth is something you will want to avoid, isn’t it?


Dr. Nigel Suarez is the best dentist near you in San Francisco who has an impeccable history of timely diagnosis and saving patients from probable ailments. He and his staff at Soma Dental San Francisco have a wonderful way of handling preventive dental check-ups. Call us at (415) 558-9800 to get an appointment.

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