5 Reasons Why Visiting Your Dentist Regularly Is a Must

Why Visiting Your Dentist Is a Must? | San Francisco, CA

Oral health and hygiene is an important aspect of your well-being. Good dental health takes time to be built. Regular check-ups can help avoid dental issues later on. Visit a Dental Clinic in San Francisco for your dental appointment to maintain your dental health intact.

Top 5 Reasons for visiting a Dentist in San Francisco:

Run a search with the keywords: "Best Dentist Near Me San Francisco" to find Dr. Nigel Suarez DDS of SOMA Dental. Here are the top five reasons to book your next appointment now:

  1. Prevention is Better Than Cure:

    A thorough check up and cleaning at the dentist can bring to the forefront developing issues that can be corrected even before they start creating trouble for you.

    This includes a new cavity, a tooth that is chipped or food accumulation in the gums which could lead to a potential infection.

  2. Removal of Plaque:

    Despite regular brushing, there will always be some corner where the food deposits hide. This over time accumulates and develops into plaque.

    If plaque is not clean on time it can harden into tartar which later damages the enamel of your teeth. Regular cleaning can prevent the above.

  3. Avoids Gum Disease & Health Risk:

    Research proves that one in two Americans suffers from gum disease. We tend to overlook issues like bleeding gums or swollen gums. Gum disease is a representation of your overall dental health.

    It can also be caused due to leukemia, cancer or vitamin deficiency that may need immediate attention.

  4. Check Lymph Nodes:

    Lymph nodes are located just under your jaw. These lymph nodes depend on your oral health to stay healthy. They are an important part of your immune system and filter all the substances that go through the lymphatic fluid.

    When you visit your Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco regularly they will also ensure your lymph nodes are healthy and are not showing signs of swelling or infection.

  5. Detect Oral Cancer:

    One of the less common causes of pain in the area of the temporomandibular joint is oral cancers. Medically, the stage of detection of cancer defines your ability to fight and overcome it. Regular visits to your dentist for TMJ Treatment in San Francisco can help him detect any unnatural development in your mouth, throat, or gums and can be treated in time.


It is indeed time to book your next appointment with Best Dentist Near You today. If you are in San Francisco, do visit SOMA Dental. The team at SOMA dental headed by Dr. Nigel Suarez DDS is highly qualified and serves with a promise of ensuring you healthy teeth!

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