Is TMJ Treatment an Option for Whitening Your Teeth?

TMJ Treatment an Option for Teeth Whitening

If you are looking to whiten your teeth, you must be considering many options. The moment you mention teeth whitening to any reputed dentist, you will certainly be suggested about TMJ treatment. If the dentist is wise, he/she will do it. This suggestion will occur especially if you have complained of jaw popping. Do you have frequent morning headaches? Make sure you mention this to the dentist before you go for teeth whitening. In our previous blog, we have explained TMJ and how Invisalign in San Francisco will fix TMJ. So, let's jump straight into understanding more about TMJ Treatment San Francisco and its connection with teeth whitening.

TMJ Treatment in San Francisco:

Instead of moving straightaway into teeth whitening in San Francisco, your dentist will first fix your TMJ disorder. With TMJ problem, you might likely have the following issues:

  1. Facial pain
  2. Migraine and normal headache
  3. Clicking of jaw
  4. Bite coming off
  5. Jaw pain

It's only after treating your TMJ disorder, can the dentist proceed for the teeth whitening treatment. So, only an expert practitioner, practicing at a dentist office near you in San Francisco can understand what issue you actually suffer from TMJ disorder. Other problems like missing teeth, decayed or infected teeth, crowns, bridges, etc. must be understood before fixing your stained teeth.

How Teeth Whitening Works With TMJ Treatment in San Francisco:

For a TMJ treatment, any reputed dental clinic in San Francisco will first try to fix it with conservative treatments like wearing braces or aligners as first resort. If it doesn't work, the doctor might go for a full mouth reconstruction using crowns or veneers. However, for a full mouth reconstruction with TMJ, you certainly need to reach out to a dental expert with this specialization. Since such education isn't imparted in dental colleges, a dentist needs to invest on his/her own education to gather this kind of training/knowledge. In fact, with a TMJ disorder, you ideally shouldn't be affixing crowns or implants since these can aggravate your issue. Also, before going for teeth whitening, TMJ fixing is essential.

Teeth Whitening in San Francisco:

Coming to teeth whitening, this is one of the simplest cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco procedures which the majority of people undertake. You can in fact go to a dentist who can cater to both TMJ and teeth whitening treatment.


So, if you are in San Francisco, you can rely on Dr. Nigel Suarez at SOMA DENTAL to cure TMJ or to opt for teeth whitening. Other dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants and a number of other orthodontic problems can be sorted out by Dr. Nigel Suarez and his seasoned team in SOMA DENTAL. Soma Dental is one of the finest dental office in San Francisco. Call us at (415) 558-9800 or browse through our website of SOMA DENTAL to arrange for an appointment right away.

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