Teeth Whitening: Is It Suitable for Everyone?

Is Teeth Whitening Suitable for Everyone?

One will effortlessly come across multiple advertisements regarding teeth whitening medicaments or even toothpaste in a single day. The numerous alternatives available can undoubtedly confuse you. It could range from questions regarding your eligibility for whitening the teeth to various ways of performing the procedure.

Teeth that are chalk-white will definitely heighten your confidence. It is found that teeth whitening in San Francisco is the foremost procedure performed by a cosmetic dentist. Therefore, one must ideally research deep about the available options. It is better to learn about products that can be used in-home and the procedure performed by dentists.

Teeth Whitening in San Francisco:

Those who have healthy and fit gums and few or no fillings are qualified for teeth whitening. Consulting a cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco, like Dr. Nigel Suarez at SOMA Dental, will enable a person to evaluate the response of the teeth to the procedure. Apart from professional teeth whitening, the dentist will also advise the best treatment choice.

Some Teeth Whitening Alternatives Suggested By the Dentists:

1. At-Home Whitening:
If this is advised for you, the products you hand-pick must have the acceptance of the American Dental Association. The usage must be based on the instructions available on the product itself.
2. Veneers, Crowns or Implants:
If you already have the dental work mentioned above, teeth-whitening products or teeth whitening procedures are not the solution for you. The reason is: products that whiten the teeth do not perform well on materials employed for bonding or porcelain.
3. Stains on Natural Teeth:
If the natural teeth are stained regardless, some choices are available to the patient.

Teeth Whitening Techniques for Distinct Causes:

  1. External discoloration due to smoking, drinks or food can be cleared with the help of a dental professional.
  2. A toothpaste especially manufactured for teeth whitening can help pull out stains on the surface.
  3. If you want to go past routine cleaning, whitening gel or strips can be used.
  4. Bleaching via bleaching gel recommended by your dentist can be employed to overcome hard stains or yellowing.
  5. A made-to-order mouthpiece can be manufactured by the dentist to perform bleaching at home.

Why Should You Hand-Pick Professional Teeth Whitening in San Francisco?

If you are eligible, professional teeth whitening in San Francisco must be your ideal option. The gums are protected before to applying a whitening agent on the teeth. After the procedure, patients will sense the color of their teeth lightened by many shades in one visit. There will be evaluation and care post-treatment.


If you require teeth whitening in San Francisco, the finest choice is Dr. Nigel Suarez at SOMA Dental. For more information call us at (415) 558-9800 and schedule an appointment today.

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